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Vinyl Flooring in Florida

Vinyl flooring remains highly sought-after for its resilience and ability to mimic real hardwood and tiles. In addition, vinyl flooring offers an array of features, including wear and water-resistance, comfort, and high performance. Ask about our vinyl flooring during your next visit to Flooring Options by Carpet One.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?

Modern vinyl flooring is available in more than just sheet form. There are currently two main vinyl flooring options: vinyl tile and vinyl plank.



Is Vinyl Flooring Completely Waterproof?

We carry both water-resistant and fully waterproof vinyl floors. Waterproof vinyl flooring has a moisture-repellent surface and watertight seams that prevent leaks from moving below the floor’s surface. They also tend to have a stiff core layer that prevents the shrinking and expansion from humidity.


While water-resistant vinyl repels moisture effectively, waterproof vinyl gives you 100% peace of mind. With water-resistant products, spills left to sit on the floor long enough can still sink into the surface. Waterproof vinyl manages everything from humidity to long-standing puddles, making it perfect for areas like the bathroom and entryway. Use waterproof vinyl flooring for:



Waterproof vinyl is easy to clean and install, unlike real hardwood and tile, and it’s softer and warmer underfoot than other solid surface floors. This provides an extra level of comfort, and protection from the occasional fall or knocked over object.


Where Can I Install Vinyl Flooring?


Thanks to its stylish, authentic appearance, property owners are choosing to install vinyl flooring throughout their homes and businesses. From stone look vinyl flooring in hallways to wide plank vinyl flooring in bedrooms, this type of floor creates a beautiful and affordable luxury look in your home. Waterproof vinyl flooring is also perfect for moisture-prone spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Additionally, we carry commercial vinyl plank flooring and tiles for business installations.


How Is Vinyl Flooring Installed?


Certain vinyl plank options allow you to install directly over most subfloors or existing flooring. You can choose a glue-down installation or a floating installation system, where the planks lock together. If you’re looking to put minimal effort into cleaning your floors, vinyl plank is a wise option since its only care requirements are sweeping and occasional mopping


Browse Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


We carry an impressive variety of vinyl flooring at competitive prices. This includes waterproof vinyl planks, stone vinyl flooring, interlocking vinyl flooring for an easy install, and much more. We have the best vinyl flooring brands include Pergo Extreme, Invincible H20, COREtec, Armstrong, and Mannington Adura Max. To learn more, please visit us soon, or start browsing our online selection today.


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Vinyl Floors

It’s Easy to Care for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is inherently durable and resists scratches and scuffs. Still, it’s good to make a solid care plan to promise a beautiful tomorrow.