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Carpet in Florida

Think carpet can’t compete with the coastal lifestyle? Think again: today’s carpeting resists everything from sandy flip-flops to spilled margaritas. That’s why carpeting remains one of the most popular options in residential and commercial settings. At Flooring Options by Carpet One Floor & Home, your local carpet store, we are happy to be your neighborhood experts


We offer a broad selection of carpeting, as well as professional carpet installation. With locations in Sarasota, Venice, and Largo, Florida, so stop by one of our showrooms to find out more about our carpeting options.


Which Type of Carpeting Is Best For Me?


What is the best type of carpet? Although there are different carpet types available, no type is considered better than the others. Instead, the best carpet depends on your own style and performance needs. If you live with children and pets, the best carpeting is stain-resistant and durable. But, if you're installing carpet in a room with little foot traffic, the best carpeting could be extra-soft and plush. No matter your preferences, our carpet experts will collaborate with you to make the perfect choice.



One of the most important choices you'll need to make involves carpet fibers. There are different carpet fibers, including wool, nylon, and polyester.



Can Carpeting Resist Stains?


Messes can be managed with our incredible collection of stain-resistant carpeting. A carpet that’s made to cohabitate with even the most active families, stain-resistant carpeting is a beautiful way to make your house feel like home.



Life moves at a frantic pace these days, and we can find ourselves living amidst multiple generations. This means messes will happen with frequency, but your carpeting needn’t suffer. Stain-resistant carpets boast innovative fibers that are specially coated to keep stains and odors from moving in.



There are hundreds of stain-resistant carpeting styles to choose from: all of them engineered to combat the most challenging stain-offenders. In most cases, all you need is clear water, and a clean towel to dab away spills, leaving no traces behind.


Installing My New Carpeting


Carpet is best installed in areas where there is low moisture, like living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. Because of their strength, some durable and stain-resistant carpets do well in hallways, as well as areas where there is high traffic. We offer premium carpet installation services, and you can trust our experts to get the job done right so you get the most out of your flooring purchase.



New carpeting represents a significant investment in your home or business. Your floor’s condition can seriously impact your property value for better or worse? You might be tempted to try and install your own carpeting, but there are significant “what-if’s” to consider. If installed improperly, your carpeting might not look, feel, or last like it’s meant to. Common errors include:



All can shorten your carpet’s lifespan. Additionally, carpeting that’s not installed according to manufacturers’ specifications might not be eligible for warrantee coverage. For these reasons, springing for a professional installation can save you money and frustrations.


Explore Our Carpeting Selection


As part of our carpet selection, we Carpet One exclusive brands, as well as beloved favorites like Mohawk SmartStrand and Karastan. Karastan carpeting has premium style and performance, and they can certainly add luxury to your home setting.



You’ll love our custom area rugs. Whether you need carpeting for your home, an upscale commercial rental, or a seasonal property, we’ve got you covered. Stop by one of our showrooms today, or browse our selection online today.



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Caring for Carpet

Caring for Carpet

Maintaining your carpeting might seem complicated,

but it’s easier than you think with these simple tips.