• Jul 15, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Nautical Design

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Summer is the perfect time for nautical home design. From anchors and sailboats to sea shells and driftwood, there are endless ways to take your design in a nautical direction. It's a tasteful, creative look for any room in the house, plus, it is sure to be a favorite among your friends. Everyone can appreciate the natural beauty of the beach and the red, white and blue patterns make your space feel a little more like home. Try it for yourself! Here's some inspiration to get you going on your nautical adventures.

All About Accessories


Nautical home design is all about accessories. Sailboats, oars, buoys, sea shells, sand dollars, you name it! A nautical space is really nothing without its creative and fun accessories. Pick a theme, whether it is the sea or the shore, and just keep swimming with it.

Balance the Color


Left Photo from My Home Ideas 

Red, white and blue are all dominant design colors that are often used in nautical design. They must be balanced and used sparingly in order to work with one another in a space. Keep the design blocked and balanced to avoid it becoming too distracting. It may be easier to use one of the three colors as a base and save the other two for accessories. Coral, yellow and teal are all colors that have made their way into nautical designs in the past few years. Experiment with colors, just be careful not to over do it!

Play with Patterns


While the colors within a nautical design may be limited, the patterns are seemingly endless. There are even ways to combine patterns that would usually never go well together in a nautical space. Polka dots and stripes are two of the most popular choices for nautical home design. As long as the colors are blocked and coordinated, mixing and matching patterns makes for a fun and innovative space.

For more Nautical Design inspiration, visit our Pinterest board.


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